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Evangelization and Faith Formation

Franciscan Clarist Congregation is called to be a Good News to the world and to spread the Kingdom of God.

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Inspired by the Holy Spirit who penetrates the innermost depths of every human heart the Founding Mothers of FCC have given the heritage of primary education. Hence primary schools were started in many places.

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Social Service

Marginalized Love of God and love of the poor were the catchwords of the Founders of the Congregation. Social Service activities of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation.

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Mother Seraphina (Francesca Farolfi) was born on October 7, 1853 at Tossignano in Imola, Italy. At the age of 20, with a certificate in Teacher’s Training, she joined the religious Congregation of the Franciscan Tertiaries of St. Elizabeth at Forli. On November 4th 1873, the young Francesca was appointed Headmistress of St. Francis School, Forli. Very soon, she drafted the Rules and Regulations of St. Francis School and a Handbook for the Teachers. In 1881, Seraphina was sent to Palagano to open a convent and school and ten years later another at Bagno. Unforeseen events caused the transfer of St. Francis School from Forli to Bertinoro and the subsequent birth of a new religious Congregation...

For Education

Opening schools in rural and urban areas and Scholarships to the poor children pursuing education

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For child

Freeship Concession to the poor children to pursue schooling in the school run by the organization

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Home for homeless

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Self help groups schemes

Vocational Training Help to the needy youth to equip themselves with Vocational or Professional training

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Medical assistance to the poor patients afflicted with terminal serious illness

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Girl children

Empowerment of the girl children marginalised of the society through Education and hostels uplift of the tribals through Schools

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